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Teacher Training

Student wellbeing is on the top of all School Development Plans. All school leaders understand that in order for their students to be successful they need to feel positive about themselves, build confidence, have a strong sense of self worth while developing a core set of values such a resilience, discipline, respect and teamwork skills.  Collaborative Counselling provides bespoke teacher training, support and consultancy tailor made to meet the needs of the individual school and the aims of the school development plan. 

Workshops that are being ran at the moment at British International Schools include:

  • Developing Self Awareness in Children 
  • Self Preservation on the Workplace (for Leaders and Heads of Department)
  • Building Positive Relationships: With ourselves and others
  • Transitioning from Primary to Secondary

Parent Workshops

Parenting can be most stressful and challenging job there is yet is often extremely rewarding. There are so many books and websites to support parents but sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to understand what works for you and your child. Collaborative Counselling offers parent workshops that explain what is happening to your child from a biological and psychological standpoint while offering tools and techniques that may help your child’s development. The workshops are also an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and share experiences.

Workshops that are being ran at the moment in various schools include:

  • The Three P’s in Parenting (Protect, Prepare, Presence)
  • Cruel to be kind (the dangers of excessive screen time and sugar)
  • Parenting Styles: Which one can you relate to most?

Workshops for Children

As well as one to one sessions, collaborative counselling delivers small and/or large group presentations and workshops. Many of the issues young people face are common yet if they don’t talk about it then they can feel isolated and alone. Workshops are an ideal opportunity for children to hear about common problems that can occur while they are growing up and possible solutions and techniques to implement during those more difficult times. 

Student workshops that are currently being shared are in schools are:

  • Looking after my mental well being
  • Building Positive Relationships: With ourselves and others
  • Establishing and Protecting Boundaries
  • Negative Thoughts: Controlling the Inner Critic
  • Body Image
  • Peer Pressure
  • Proud to be Me
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Sexual Harassment

Follow Up Work

All workshops and presentations can be followed up with:

  • One to one counselling/coaching

  • Group therapy (art, play, drama, CBT)

  • Developing and implementing PSHE programmes 

  • Mindfulness coaching

  • Pastoral care support

  • Behaviour support

What people are saying about our workshops...

‘Really interesting and helpful, I wish I was told this during teacher training’.  Primary School Teacher

It makes me so happy to work at a school that values INSET like this.  Secondary English Teacher

Effective, easy to follow ideas that are delivered in a fun and engaging way, I highly recommend this INSET provider. Teaching Assistant

The tools and techniques I have picked up have really helped me calm things down at home, thank you! Mother of two

Outstanding, really impressive.   Head Teacher

I found this so useful and reassuring.   Year 8 Student

I will be using what I have learned both personally and professionally, thank you.   EYFS Teacher