Schools & Organisations


All schools, colleges, health services and health professionals have a duty to safeguard all children and adults at risk of harm in their care. In addition to therapy, Collaborative Counselling can also offer Safeguarding support including training up to level three enabling staff to become designated Safeguard Leads. 

Collaborative Counselling can provide bespoke training, support and consultancy across a wide range of safeguarding concerns. Services also include immediate response to urgent safeguarding matters. Collaborative Counselling can build and inform on your policy and strategy to ensure full legislative compliance. 


Schools have a real challenge today preparing children and young people for tomorrow’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. This generation will be applying for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that have not yet been created. We must teach them how to be resilient, creative and innovative while instilling core values such as respect, altruism and tolerance. Not an easy feat but necessary for a positive, sustainable future. 


Collaborative Counselling provides solution-based counselling/coaching that can guide your students on their journey to not only become the best version of themselves but to equip them with the tools to thrive and be successful in all they do by:

  • One to one counselling/coaching

  • Group therapy (art, play, drama, CBT)

  • Parent, staff and/or student workshops

  • Drop-in counselling

  • Whole school presentations

  • Developing PSHE programmes 

  • Staff training (including level three Safeguarding training)

  • Mindfulness coaching

  • Pastoral care support

  • Behaviour support