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Children & Young People

Above all, parents want their children to be safe and happy. As they face life’s challenges, the hope is that they will learn valuable lessons that mould their character, learning values such as kindness and traits such as resilience. However, the path is not always smooth and there may be times when external support may be needed to get them back on track.  

Individuals, Parents & Families

Most, if not all, mental health issues arise from a problematic relationship. Whether it is a strained relationship with yourself, a son/daughter, a sibling, a parent, spouse or even a colleague or a boss, often communication has broken down and it can feel impossible to rectify. Discussing problems and possible solutions with someone objective and non-judgmental can be extremely beneficial.

Schools & Organisations

Schools, colleges, clinics, charities and any other organisation that works with children, young people or adults at risk of harm have a responsibility for their safety and well being. If you need Safeguarding support, from training to compliance, Collaborative Counselling can help. We provide outstanding teacher training for both Primary and Secondary schools that will equip teachers to support the mental well being of their students. 

Sian Kirkham has over 20 years experience working with children, teenagers and families.

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